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Coffee Drinkers

We consume way too much coffee probably 2-3 cups a day on average!


We give a dam how good we look holding that hipster AF flat white!


We don’t claim to know everything but when we don’t know something about coffee, we know someone who does know!


We want you to ask questions, why is coffee is so addictive? We question and share everything!

From The Start

We started drinking coffee in a place far, far away a long, long time ago.

Over years of brewing, making, sipping and dreaming about coffee we have compiled all our wisdom and knowledge into this amazing website. We have tested, tried, loved and hated all types of coffee beans, brewing devices and cafe’s. BUT we share all the ups and downs so you know what to drink and when!

We cover a huge range of coffee tutorials, guides, lists and reviews!

What Now?

Coffee time!!!!!!!!

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