Long before SNL’s “Coffee Talk” and the days of Starbucks opening a new store every workday, coffee has been the darling of American culture.

We grind it, we brew it, we savor it hot, iced, blended, dark, light, high octane or decaf.

We learn the origins of our favorite beans and the differences between lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

We take it black, or with sugar and cream – steamed, foamed, almond, or soy.

We indulge in coffee drinks with cute titles and nickname it like our favorite cousin: Joe, Java, Brew, Mud, Jolt.

We crave coffee. We love to share it, talk about it, photograph it, and proudly claim our dependence on it. And where better to do this than social media?

If you’re looking for a place to share your love of – and addiction to – your favorite beverage, look no further than Facebook.

Are you into cars, chiropractic, or country music? There’s a coffee group for you.

Looking to share a carafe in Costa Rica, Colorado, or Cincinnati? There’s a coffee group for you.

21 amazing facebook groups for coffee fanatics

Since we can’t possibly list ALL the coffee groups social media has to offer, here are twenty-one of the most popular and most active caffeinated groups on Facebook:


  1. Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

Type of group: Public   Members: 77,461

By far the largest coffee-loving group on Facebook, Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Exists to talk about all things related to coffee. If you are a legit seller of coffee-related products, you are even welcome to post your information on their page! (Most groups don’t allow sales or promotion of any kind.) This site also boasts one of the largest collections of coffee photos and memes anywhere.


  1. Coffee and Motherhood

Type of group: Closed Support Group Members: 31,698

Coffee-loving mothers from all walks of life, supporting, encouraging, and cheering for each other.


  1. Cat’s ‘N’ Coffee Cafe

Type of group: Public Members: 25,491

A friendly hangout where you can sip coffee with friends and chat about your day, your kids, your cats, dogs, elephants, and dragons.


  1. I Love Coffee

Type of group: Public Members: 21,511

You love coffee. They do too. A light-hearted group that knows it’s all about the brew.  


  1. Fun with Coffee

Type of group: Closed Members: 16,099

Join this group if you are a crazy coffee lover. Build friendships off of what you have in common: THE LOVE OF COFFEE!


  1. Coffee and a Good Book

Type of group: Closed Members: 16,072

A place for like minded people to share their love of books and beverages! This group also has an Etsy shop, and you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.


  1. Coffee Roasters Forum

Type of group: Public Members: 14,235

Share your thirst for coffee and your knowledge (or lack of!) for roasting your own beans.  Coffee-tasting is their mission and they love to talk about it!


  1. Coffee with Carissa

Type of group: Closed Members: 9,969

Think of this group like a coffee shop filled with like-minded entrepreneurs. Introduce yourself, tell your story, share your goals. Everyone here is in varying stages of life and business and there is a wealth of knowledge in this virutual coffee house, so enjoy your time here, and bring a friend.  



Type of Group: Public Members: 9,158

Establish virtual connections with other coffee lovers around the world, forge friendships, network, and have fun while discovering how fellow bean friends live, work, relax. Their mission is to build a worldwide phenomenon based on the common love of coffee.


  1. COFFEE!!! We love it!

Type of group: Closed Members: 8,402

This group welcomes you to join them and enjoy coffee and friendship! Simple. Wonderful.





  1. Motherhood and Coffee

Type of group: Closed Members: 6,511

Motherhood & Coffee is a coffee and support group and a safe place for women to ask questions, gossip, and share anything without the fear of being judged.


  1. WA Baristas

Type of group: Public Members: 6,218

This unique group calls themselves a club for baristas and other coffee professionals. Their site is worth visiting for the latte art alone.


  1. Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

Type of group: Closed Members: 6,062

Coffee Drinkers Anonymous – where the coffee is great and so is the chatter.  


  1. Your Coffee Moment Quote

Type of group: Public Members: 5,762

They want to know what you are thinking and doing while drinking your java! Share your thoughts, feelings, photos, whatever!


  1. Java with Jesus

Type of group: Closed Members: 5,174

A group of believers dedicated to kindness and grace. This group chooses to not be political, judgmental, or argumentative. Their only agenda is to encourage other members of the group.


  1. For the love of coffee

Type of group: Closed Members: 3,652

Just a fun little group of a few thousand who love coffee and welcome you to post.


  1. Coffee Talk

Type of group: Public Members: 3,261

Come in, grab a cup of coffee and talk amongst yourselves. Simple and sweet, like a latte.


  1. Home Coffee Roasters

Type of group: Closed Members: 2,412

This group is for folks who roast or aspire to start roasting at home. Post your roasters, ideas, and techniques. Everything on their wall is good information from bean to cup.


  1. Coffee Selfie Club

Type of group: Closed Members: 1,828

It’s pretty simple here: post selfies while drinking coffee. It’s brilliant. Really. They say, “be happy, supportive, have fun, and get to know each other.”


  1. Let’s Brew This

Type of group: Public Members: 1,504

Coffee lovers all united for ‘the love of coffee’. Their mission is to share about coffee, the whole coffee, and nothing but the coffee.


  1. Coffee Mug Collectors

Type of group: Closed Members: 1,458

Quite possibly the best place on Facebook for those who love coffee mugs. Post your mugs, cups, finds, collections, coffee pots, thermos stuff, carafes, coffee makers, as well as ISO lists, trade lists, or discuss current or past auctions. So, take a break from your daily grind…find a group and espresso yourself. 🙂

So join some of these amazing communities and start getting involved. You would be surprised how many other people have the same questions, concerns, and opinions as you. If you are looking for a few pointers on how to make better coffee to then go and brag about in these groups, read this post.

Also, help us out by sharing this with someone else who loves coffee! ☕️

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